3D Hologram

Leave a lasting impact on your target audience

Our 3D Hologram utilizes a combination of LEDs and proprietary software to create stunning 3D holographic visuals that appear to float in mid-air. These displays are often used for advertising, events, exhibitions, museums, product launches, retails, weddings and celebrations.

Increase human connection

Revolutionize your display

Connect with your audience

3D HolograM


3D Holographic Display

Our product is an all-in-one 3D holographic display solution, where cutting-edge hardware is powered by proprietary CMS software.

The holographic display a four-ray rotor that spins fast at a speed of 670 RPM. Your eyes won’t see any rays though, only your stunning 3D content floating in mid-air.

Eye Catching Display

A four-ray rotor display shows 3D content floating in midair. 

Content Management

Create & manage content with ease with a range of free included tools. 

Lightweight and portable

All-in-one sleek solution with a wide range of installation accessories. 

Business Value

Achieve staggering results

Boost sales, increase engagement and drive success with our solo 3D hologram display solution.

  • Extends attention spans & attraction rates
  • Improves user engagement levels

  • Increases conversion & retention rates

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