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We Provide Innovative Solutions through Service Robotics that Empower Human Capabilities and Propel the Economy Forward.

Our Product Capabilities

We bring innovation to the forefront

Ensuring your business stays ahead of the curve. Our model is built on staying ahead of trends and anticipating market needs.

Autonomous Robot

Artificial Intelligence

Big Data Analytics

Add. Manufacturing

Machine Learning

Smart Manufacturing

Internet of Things

System Integration

Our Services

Technology to power the world in new ways

Ignite your business revolution with our innovative solutions, fusing cutting-edge tech and industry expertise. Explore the next frontier for your operations now.

Robopreneur Academy

Learn the language by using projects, tests, and courses that are based on actual situations. To acquire the job of your dreams, create portfolio projects that highlight your new skills.

Event Rental Service

Elevate your brand’s image and revolutionize customer experiences by integrating cutting-edge technology, such as state-of-the-art robots and other innovative solutions. Embrace the future of customer interaction to not only level up your brand but also redefine excellence in service.

Consultancy Design and Build

Robopreneur is skilled in a wide range of contracting techniques. With our demonstrated experience, we can successfully engineer, purchase, and construct projects using design-build and design-bid-build methods.

3D Printing Services

We offer complete online 3D modeling and printing services using our high-performance 3D printers. Our 3D printers produce superb quality finishing,  using selected high-quality printing materials, for any customized 3D modeling, prototyping, toys, special gifts, replica, etc.​

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