Interactive RoboAvatar

Experience Unparalleled Two-Way Interaction with RoboAvatar

Our Interactive RoboAvatar is a high-resolution human-like virtual avatar driven by AI that enables smart 2-way interactions with human. By making consumer interaction simple and direct, 3D Avatars may be utilized for a variety of reasons and foster trust.

information provider

product expert

brand ammbasador


Digital Service Personnel

Revolutionize your business with Interactive Avatars by automating routine tasks, enhancing customer interactions, and ensuring seamless operations.

Multilingual in over 30 languages

Our Avatars are fluent in over 30 languages. Projects can be fully translated with one click. Reach every customer, guest, visitor or patient in their own language!

repetitive tasks

Interactive Avatars act as digital service agents, freeing up your staff and filling staffing gaps by performing repetitive tasks. From check-in to customer service, they keep everything running smoothly. 

High scalability

Design your use case once and deploy it effortlessly across online and offline touchpoints. From kiosks to websites to mobile devices, ensure a seamless, personalised experience for your customers and achieve high scalability. 

24/7 availability

Enjoy the convenience of 24/7 availability, ensuring your customers can engage with your services whenever they need to. Day or night, our interactive avatars are ready to help meet your audience’s needs. 

Business Value

More than 28 Avatar characters ready to use

Boost sales, increase engagement and drive success with our solo 3D hologram display solution.

  • Extends attention spans & attraction rates
  • Improves user engagement levels

  • Increases conversion & retention rates

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